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candids     Selena Gomez     
candids     Selena Gomez     

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Harmony Korine - Spring Breakers (2012) ★★★★.
"Some kids… some little kids they wanna grow up to be president, some kids wanna grow up and be doctor y’know? I just wanted to be bad they kicked me outta school, I thought that was great! Shieet I don’t have to go to yo school, that was the best thing in the world! Some people? They wanna do the right thing? I like doing the wrong thing! Everyones always tellin me "yo you gotta change…" I’m about stacking change ya’ll! Stacking change! That’s it. Money! I’m about making money. This a dream ya’ll. This the American dream… that’s it, I did it. Most my brothers and sisters… they dead. It was all bad. They got murdered. I’m the last one standing. I’m as bad as they is. Just in our blood ya’ll and I love it. This is my dream. I made it come true. This is the fuckin American dream."
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Spring Breakers (2012) dir. Harmony Korine